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DJI Launches Ronin-s Essentials Kit

DJI recently released the Ronin-s Essentials kit. The combo includes a range of accessories,
The Ronin-s Gimbal, a BG37 Grip, Camera Mounting plate, camera riser to mention a few.

The Ronin-s Standard kit is already out, so whats the difference between it and this Ronin-s Essentials Kit?

The table below shows how the two differ

AccessoriesStandard KitEssentials Kit
Gimbalx 1x 1
BG37 Gripx 1x 1
Camera Mouting Platex 1x 1
Camera Screw 1/4″-20x 3x 3
Lens Supportx 1x 1
Camera Riserx 1x 1
USB-C Cablex 1x 1
Hook-and-Loop Strap for Gimbalx 1x 1
Storage Casex 1x 1
Focus Wheelx 1/
RSS IR Control Cablex 1/
Multi-Camera Control Cable (Type-C)x 1/
Multi-Camera Control Cable (Type-B)x 1/
Extended Grip/Tripod (Metal)x 1/
Extended Grip/Tripod (Plastic)/x 1
24W USB Power Adapterx 1/
Accessories Boxx 1/
Allen Wrenchx 2/
Hook-and_loop Strap for Cablex 1/

Why Should I purchase the Ronin-s Essentials Kit

This is the kind of investment that will save you hundreds of rands
Its the right equipment you need to get your photography or filmmaking adventures off the ground.

The Essentials Kit allows users to determine the best accessories for their particular camera setup, including:

  • Camera-supported accessories: Multi-Camera Control Cable (including multi-USB, mini-USB, and other types), DC Power Cable, Top Hotshoe Bracket.
  • Control equipment: DJI Master Wheels, DJI Force Pro, Focus Wheel, Focus Motor, Command Unit.
  • Extended accessories: Universal Mount, External GPS Module, Battery Adapter, Cheese Plate, BG37 Grip.

If you considering buying the Essentials Kit, rest assured that it includes some impressive features, such as:

  • Maximum tested load is 3.6kg
  • Vehicle-based recording can remain stable at up to 75kph
  • High-capacity battery handle provides up to 12 hours of operation
The Essentials Kit gives you superior three-axis stabilisation and automated smart features.

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