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Big Savings. Certified Quality. Full Warranty.

DJI Drone Deals has just got refurbished drones in stock. Check out our specials to find great deals and combo packs.


Why Refurbished products?

Substantial savings for a fully functional product.

The same high quality as new DJI products.

Standard DJI manufacturer warranty guarantee.

DJI Certified Refurbished Products are pre-owned DJI products that undergo DJI`s stringent refurbishment process before being offered for sale. While only some units are returned due to technical issues, before we put a DJI Certified Refurbished product up for sale, it undergoes a rigorous process to make sure it meets DJI’s high standards.

Each DJI Certified Refurbished Product: 
• Undergoes full functionality testing, where any defective modules are replaced;
• Is put through a thorough cleaning and inspection process;
• Is repackaged (including appropriate manuals, parts) and new boxes;
• Is placed into a Final Quality Assurance inspection before being offered for sale;
• Undergo the same basic testing procedures and are assessed with the same technical guidelines as new DJI products;
• May have slight signs of wear, such as minor scratches. Returns due to aesthetic conditions that do not affect product performance are not accepted.


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