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Phantom 4 FLIR Boson Thermal Ready to Fly


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The Ultimate Thermal Solution for Farms, Game Farms, wildlife monitoring etc.

Exclusive to DJI Drone Deals, our new lightweight FLIR Boson thermal setup comes ready fly straight out of the box.

The complete weight of the mount and camera comes in at less than 65grams, giving you as much flight efficiency as possible.

Flight time is set at 15 – 20 minutes depending on conditions.


Dual screen:
With the setup you will have simultaneously daylight and thermal view. In most applications it is essential to have an combination with the daylight camera. The thermal is perfect for detection and the daylight camera is excellent for recognition.


The Phantom 4 Pro with Boson mount is an excellent setup for hunters, spotting wildlife, search and rescue etc. Due the lightweight of the Boson mount you have an long flight time (longer then 20 minutes with dual camera setup).